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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost to repair my hydrostatic transmission?

A. It will depend on the level of failure the unit has had. We can give a ballpark figure based on your description of the faults being displayed, but cannot provide a formal quote until we have inspected the internals and ascertain the level of failure of the unit.

Q. How long will it take to fix my hydrostatic transmission?

A. You will be given an approximate repair time when the job is booked in. If you want your own unit back (not an exchange unit), we can often achieve a turnaround time of less than 5 working days. This time will increase during busy periods.

Q. How do I go about organizing an exchange for my hydrostatic transmission?

A. See Exchange Units for detailed instructions on how to organize an exchange unit.

Q. Should I send the fittings in with the unit?

A. No, we do not require them to do the job and it is best you hold them for safekeeping.

Q. Will I get my own unit back?

A. Our preference is to do your failed unit up and return to you. We offer the exchange service as a means of minimizing your downtime at critical operating times. If you request an exchange unit, you will not get your unit back. You will receive an “off the shelf” unit which has been fully remanufactured and yours will be remanufactured and put into our exchange stock at a later date.

Q. Do you repair lawnmower hydrostatics?

A. Unfortunately we find it is generally not economical to repair these units and therefore do not provide service or parts for these items.

Q. Can you come and repair the hydrostatic at my property?

A. The hydrostatics are repaired in our workshop as there is a substantial amount of specialized equipment required to remanufacture the units. We service components from all over Australia and can assist you with arrangements for transportation of the units to and from our workshop.

Q. Do I need to buy new O rings to install the unit after remanufacture?

A. We will include the O rings and fittings you will require when the unit is returned.


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