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Hydrostatic Services Products

Orbital Motors

Hydrostatic Services can supply High radial and axial bearing capacity, high starting torque, constant operating torque, high-pressure shaft seal, and long life under extreme operating conditions.

Off-the-shelf components as well as customized solutions for both work and propel functions.

Mobile Electronic Components

Hydrostatic Services stock an extensive range of state-of-the-art electronics for the off-highway vehicle sector.

There is a wide variety of standard and custom products - including software, joysticks, PLUS+1µ microcontrollers, sensors, graphical terminals and GPS technology.

Combined with the PLUS+1µ control platform, you can quickly build customized vehicle control solutions.


Load sensing, electrically controlled, and load independent proportional valves are available from Hydrostatic Services. Valve solutions can be designed to meet practically any application.

Steering Components

Hydrostatic Services can supply steering components including standard and electro-hydraulic steering units, mini steering units, priority valves, dedicated steering sensor, and flow amplifiers. 2-wheel and 4-wheel steering, articulated steering, and automatic steering via sensors or satellite-signals.


Hydrostatics for low, medium, and high-power applications, including single and dual path propulsion drives and closed loop auxiliary transmissions.

Axial piston variable displacement single and tandem pumps, available with SIL 2 certified automotive control (H1 AC), axial piston fixed displacement and two-position motors, bent axis variable displacement motors, integrated pump systems, transit mixer products and variable displacement axial piston pumps for work function applications.

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